Choosing A Color: Fuchsia

If you love vibrant pink but you’re afraid to use it in your home, this post is for you!

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It’s time for you to throw caution to the wind and paint a room fuchsia.  But first, you may need to change your mindset…

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…Also known as hot pink and magenta, fuchsia is not just for baby girls, little girls or girly girls.  Fuchsia is a glam, sultry and sassy color that is very grown up.

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When decorating with fuchsia, pay close attention to the color’s undertones.  If you want a look that is sugary-sweet and feminine, use a fuchsia that has violet undertones {as in the room shown above}.  For a room that feels chic and sexy, choose a warmer pink with red undertones:


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{elle decor}

And if you want your decor to be bohemian or globally-inspired, choose a fuchsia and orange color scheme.


In countries such as India, Morocco and Mexico, you often see bright pink paired with orange.  It’s a bold color combination but it’s also festive and fun.  Remember, color is a tool.  So, use it to fix that dark, deary room and make it feel more alive.

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One thought on “Choosing A Color: Fuchsia

  1. Such a timely post for me as I am considering a raspberry pink dining room with black and white accents. Now I just need to convince the hubs that it is all going to be okay. :D

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