Choosing A Color: Turquoise

Turquoise is a very popular color and it’s one of the most soothing hues you can use in your home.

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You may recall seeing this design in my last post {by John David Edison}:

The color combination of turquoise, fuchsia and chartreuse is one of my faves.  These colors look amazing together, but they are also stunning when used alone.  So, I decided to focus on each of these hues in upcoming posts beginning with turquoise.

{sea side style}

Turquoise represents the color of the sea so it makes us feel very refreshed.  This color is a mix of blue, a calming hue, and green, a color of balance and harmony.  Although it’s a very relaxing color, homeowners are not just choosing turquoise for the bedroom.

{apartment therapy}

{dreamsicle day}

Turquoise is a popular color for the kitchen, home office, and living room.  I had a client who used turquoise as the main paint color for her condo.  Not surprising, considering many of us are constantly on the go and ‘plugged in’ to technology.  This is a great color for unwinding and relieving stress.



Lighter tints of turquoise are usually referred to as aqua.  Mid-tones are sometimes called azure or robin’s egg blue.  And deeper shades are considered teal.  When deciding how light or dark to go, think about the mood you want to create and factor in your room’s lighting and overall style.



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One thought on “Choosing A Color: Turquoise

  1. Very timely Kelly…. I am just beginning to choose a color for our renovated laundry room/pantry and was thinking of some kind of turqoise or blue! Once the installation is complete I’ll begin the sampling! Love it paired with the yellow…

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