Christmas Colors {six sensational palettes}

Autumn is all around, but it’s never too soon to get your creative Christmas juices flowing — those falling leaves will soon turn to snowflakes!

CLICK HERE to see more Christmas Colors for 2012!

photo sources:
1. Daily Bits Of Beauty
2. Flickr
3. BHG
4. Georgia Peachez {she sells her hand-made wreaths!}
5.  Martha Stewart
6. On Home Design

8 thoughts on “Christmas Colors {six sensational palettes}

  1. HI – Your website is truly inspirational and one of a kind! I’ve never seen colors used together like you do and for that reason I’m hoping you can help me. My living room was an orange color and I loved it. I then moved and made a mistake with the new color and I’m hoping to change the color to peach. To top it off I discovered a 7 foot christmast tree in peach for $25 on our local craigslist. Well the tree takes two to move it’s so heavy and talk about branches! I ended up taking two layers of branches out because it is just two tall but nevertheless it’s a show stopper. I was going to decorate it it with vintage sheet music, copper cookie cutter, white snowflakes and some peach ball but then I saw a corsage of balls at Michael’s that inspired me to change my ideas. It’s in pink’s, burgundy’s and gold’s. Somehow I think it would work along with the copper cookie cutters and sheet music etc. I’d love to know you and your reader’s thought’s on the subject since I think this tree is truly one of a kind.
    many thanks

  2. Wow Kelly, I love how you’ve unconventional Christmas colors to base your pallets on – I love those blue wreaths. Not sure if anyone’s interested, but I found an interesting magazine called colorA2Z – well worth a look if you’re into color, just search for it in the iTunes store.

  3. These are beautiful selections Kelly… even the Traditional is somehow updated and just great. I love the “All That Glitters”; it’s sort of a transition from fall/harvest and works really well. Nice nice photos!

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