Color and Style

I just wanted to share a random selection of spaces that demonstrate a creative use of color and individual style.  Enjoy!

{Bloomingdale’s Big Window Challenge Winner:  Eddie Ross, photo by Addie Juell}

{I love a colorful dressing table!}

photos from:   decorpad; houzz; apartment therapy

3 thoughts on “Color and Style

  1. Hi Kelly. I love these rooms. it is good inspiration for thinking “outside” the color box. It reminds me to go bold or go home. I love the blown up flowers for wall decor and the clear legged chairs in the grey kitchen – great fabric! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you so much for using the picture of the window that I designed for Elle Decor! do you think you would just credit Addie Juell for the photo and from Eddie Thank you so much your blog is GREAT!

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