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Decorating with the color coral can be tricky, but don’t let that stop you from using this delightful color in your home.

coral room

{southern accents}

Somewhere in between orange and red, coral is a warm, crisp color that will brighten your space and work well with a variety of other hues.  Also referred to as salmon, peach, apricot and melon, coral can range from a vibrant reddish-pink to a soft terra cotta.



Coral is often associated with tropical or coastal interiors, and for that reason many people are hesitant to use it.  It actually is one of the colors of coral reef as well as the inside of some sea shells, but don’t confine this color to the beach.  Coral is also the color of the sky at dawn and dusk.  In fact, I once specified coral for a client’s bedroom tray-ceiling after being inspired by a brilliant peachy-pink sunrise.  They absolutely loved it!

coral sofa


{washington spaces — design by Barbara Hawthorn}

Because coral pulls from both red and orange, you’ll get the benefits of each color which results in a warm, romantic, energizing, and cheerful space.  Another added plus:  people look better in coral spaces.  The rosiness of this color is very flattering to all skin tones and will add a youthful glow to your complexion.  Who wouldn’t want that?


{msn lifestyle}


{matters of style}

When using coral, you can create a dramatic space by adding complementary colors such as green or teal.  These two hues appear across from coral {red-orange} on a color wheel and will give you the most impact.  For a more serene feel, create an analogous color scheme by adding colors that lie next to coral on the color wheel, such as a lavender-pink or saffron.  You can also use neutrals such as chocolate brown, tan or gray.  To create a modern space, add a dose of white furnishings.


{Kelley Proximire}


{interior design}

Some people think coral is a very feminine color, and they find using it a challenge when considering the tastes of a husband or boys.  However, if you select a shade that has more of an orange undertone, it can turn out to be a great, cheery color that satisfies everyone.


{remodeling center}


{decorating with lace}

I might also add that the color coral makes a stunning fashion statement, as shown here by First Lady {and fashion trend-setter} Michelle Obama:

{blog prospect}

Picture 5

Coral really is a versatile color and it can add a unique vibe to your home {and your wardrobe}.  Experiment with different shades {such as my suggested colors below from Sherwin-Williams} to find out how coral can fit into your design style.

{Top, l-r:  Ardent Coral, Smoky Salmon, Avid Apricot, Dishy Coral; Bottom l-r:  Peach Blossom, Sunset, Quite Coral}

One last photo — an awesome coral/peach sunset taken from my cell phone camera in the Wal Mart parking lot the other evening:

sunset_taken by kporter

{God does it best}

9 thoughts on “Color It Coral

  1. Hi Jenn,

    Unfortunately, I don’t know the exact color but take a look at Ardent Coral 6874 by Sherwin-Williams. It’s a pretty close color match.

  2. HI-

    I love the coral color in the room with the lady on the white chair. Do you know what color and brand it is?

  3. Hi Tisa. Thanks for your comment. For my wallpaper background, I had to go into my site’s stylesheet and change it. It’s been awhile so I don’t quite remember how I did it.

  4. I love the striped drapes in the Washington spaces!!! And Michelle does capture beauty sooooooo well:) I love your site too!!! Can you tell me how you made the wallpaper background for the comment? Oh, and that scripture on the top left is mindboggling; It is one of my faves and it inspires me because of the unseen decor that it reveals is experienced or not experienced at home.

  5. The sunset is gorgeous!!

    I wouldn’t want a coral room in my house, but I do appreciate the beauty of these coral rooms :-)

    Your comment on my ostrich post made me laugh!! You’re right, the ostrich DOES look surprised!! :-)

    .-= DesignTies´s last blog ..Beds & bricks =-.

  6. Kelly, I have a burnt orange color on the walls in my formal living room. I am thinking I need to update the color. But this last week I have read in several hot Swedish design magazines about orange coming back strong. And after seeing your post – I am thinking that I am actually ahead of the game! Ha! OX, Monika.

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