Color Scheme Idea: Gray and Red

Gray is still holding steady as the neutral you need now.

gray and red living room


It took a while before I became a fan of gray {it seemed so drab at first} but I’ve come to love it’s versatility and I’ve enjoyed helping many of my clients select the perfect gray paint colors for their homes.  I also chose gray for my own dining room and I’m so happy I did.  I love a gray room best when it’s graced with a stand-out accent color, and out of all the hues that go so well with gray, my favorite is RED.

gray dining with red chairs


gray and red living room

{brian patrick flynn}

Gray and Red go together so naturally.  I think this is true because these two colors really do complement each other.  All by itself gray can appear cold, reserved and tranquil.  On the other hand red is hot, sexy and exciting.  When these colors are paired together, each one gets some of what the other color has.  It’s a match made in color heaven.

gray dining room by kelly porter


chandelier red crystal

gray and red room


red beds2


gray room


Many grays are achromatic {void of color} like black and white.  But some grays do have blue, purple or green undertones…and that is what makes it such a great, all-around neutral.  Just be mindful of these varying undertones when you’re choosing a gray paint color.  Other than that, trust me when I say…you have a room in your home that wants to be gray.

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