Colorful Outdoor Entertaining

The key to an intimate, elegant outdoor dinner is to bring the indoors out.


That means forgoing the paper products.  Instead, adorn your patio or picnic table with fabric linens, glass stemware, ceramic plates and silverware — all the items you would use in your dining room — and choose a color theme.



Use identical place settings for a formal look, or mix and match for a more casual meal.



For pops of color, add throws, scarves and pillows.  Added details such as place cards, candles, and a beautiful centerpiece will make your guests feel welcome.



And last but certainly not least, pray for beautiful weather!

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One thought on “Colorful Outdoor Entertaining

  1. I love the touch with the throws – so colourful and esp. useful for those cool summer evenings for guest to throw on themselves as the evening cools and I absolutely adore the Hermes table setting (if I’m not mistaken) in pics nos. 1&2..

    Lena’s last blog post..hand-drawn rendering

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