Colorful Words Of Encouragement

This is a photo of my most recent purchase which now hangs in my office.  It reminds me to stay positive and prayerful when I’m not feeling very…positive.

I wanted to share it because I think we all can use some encouragement from time to time.  So, whatever it is that you’re striving for — no matter how frustrated you get, no matter how tired you get, no matter what other people are doing, and no matter how old you are — find your purpose, let your true colors shine, and never give up!

3 thoughts on “Colorful Words Of Encouragement

  1. I have been struggling trying to find colors for my little house! I have read and been on a ton of sites! This site is beautifully done very creative and inspiring! Not to mention it seems like you really have put care into it with the thought of helping the color impaired like me LOL! TY so much! Im really enjoying it!

    Jennifer Hodgkinson Port Lavaca Tx

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