Restaurant Color {The Bicycle}


One of my favorite topics to blog about is restaurant design & color.  Trendy eating spots provide an array of great ideas that we can incorporate into our own home or business.  My hubby and I recently dined at The Bicycle, an Asian-influenced bistro in Baltimore.  Comprised of two renovated row houses, the atmosphere here is very cozy and colorful.  Shades of blue, olive, yellow and a few other earthy hues serve as the backdrop for eye-catching artwork and photography featuring…what else?  Bicycles.

The Bicycle Bistro2

The Bicycle Bistro3


The Bicycle Bistro4

Lobelia, Tansy Green and Butter Up

Inspired colors from The Bicycle:  Lobelia, Tansy Green and Butter Up {from Sherwin Williams}.

Top photo by Kelly Porter.  Other photos:,

2 thoughts on “Restaurant Color {The Bicycle}

  1. I love the big bold colors in the bicycle prints in contrast to colors of the restaurant’s walls. Looks like a great place to share a meal and soak up the atmosphere.

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