Decorate Your Bedroom With Floral Bedding

Flowers have always had an influence on home decorating, especially this time of year when real flowers start to emerge.


Floral patterns are always a great way to add color to a room.  If you’ve been thinking about sprucing up your bedroom this spring, begin with bedding.  Then you can easily select complementary colors.  I’m loving this emerald green wall color (above).  Not only is it a great shade of green for the bedroom, but it allows the pink and aqua in the bedding to really pop. {Rooftop Terrace bedding by Tommy Hilfiger at}


Big Blooms bedding by Tracy Reese at


Hydrangea by Bergman bedding at


Woodland Organic Bedding at


For the tweens – Flowers for Hanna bedding at


Ottavia Jacquard bedding at


Garden Party bedding from

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