Designer Kishani Perera

I love the work of designer Kishani Perera.

Her designs capture all of the elements that I’m passionate about:  color, warmth, a mix-match of furnishings, a global vibe, and a little retro-ness.  All this equals a lived-in feel which gives a room comfort and character.

Perera’s masterful designs show us that we can use bold colors, thrift store/flea market finds, and new pieces all in the same room and make it look fabulous.  You can see more of Kishani Perera’s work at her website.

{Kishani Perera}

2 thoughts on “Designer Kishani Perera

  1. Kelly
    her use of color is superb! I love the room with the orange sofas. Will definitely be filing that one away!And those pendant lights in the bedroom, just LOVE! Thanks for sharing this great designer.

  2. Love the bright & bold colours in all these rooms :-) The first and second pictures are my favourites — the combination of the raw wood on the ceiling and the chandeliers in the second pic is fantastic. And the purple chairs are super-cool :-)


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