Dorm Decorating Part 2 {Wall Decor And More}

In Part 1 of my Dorm Decorating Series, I focused on bedding basics because the look of your bed will set the tone for the rest of your room.  In this post, I’ll touch on colorful and inexpensive ways to decorate your walls and customize your personal items.  So, let’s begin!


In most cases, you will not be allowed to paint your dorm walls, but don’t let that stop you from adding color to your space.  One option is to use scrapbook paper.  You can create a collage like in the picture at the top {curbly}, or design a border.  You can really have fun with this idea — use your favorite colors, be creative and make a statement.


Other Options:  If you prefer bigger sheets of paper, try using construction paper or large paint sample sheets.  Also, you can cut out shapes using any type of paper, including contact paper:


And for a finished look, hang framed pieces of scrapbook paper to create a picture gallery {Tip:  Be sure to include photos of your parents, too!}.


As I mentioned in my last post, Duck Tape now comes in really cool colors and patterns, and they even have a College Brand.

In this dorm {posted at}, a student used fabric paint to create the flower design on her comforter.  Then she used Duck tape to make the same flower design on the walls.  Very clever!

{another angle of the room and another design}

You can also create an original piece of artwork — with Duck tape!  Who knew?

{build your own home}

{Duck tape is also great for personalizing your stuff.  Photo from}


Washi tape is a very hot item these days.  If you’re not familiar with it, washi tape is really just printed masking tape that comes in very pretty colors and patterns, and different widths.  It’s made from natural fibers, and it’s strong but removable.  Some styles are also slightly transparent, so you can see through them.

{ has a large variety of super-cute washi tape}



You can decorate just about anything with washi tape.  It’s easy to cut with scissors and some brands come in skinny widths, so you can use it to embellish smaller items like clothespins {shown above} or even the keys on your laptop:

{I’m gonna steal this idea!  Photo from}

Up next in Part 3:  Storage and Organization

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