Dorm Decorating Part 3 {Colorful Storage}

In this final post of my Dorm Decorating Series, I’m tackling the subject of storage — a necessity for all college students.


Keeping your things in order will help you to think clearly, study better and get ready for class {or a party} quicker.  Because your dorm will be tight on space, things can easily get unorganized so it’s important to maximize storage for:

  • toiletries
  • linens
  • clean clothes
  • dirty clothes
  • school supplies
  • food
  • jewelry/accessories/make-up/hair stuff
  • shoes

Shoe boxes tucked away will work just fine for some items.  But you’ll want to have other things readily available and in plain sight.  That’s when your storage containers also become your room’s accessories, so look for pieces that will bring color and style to your space…like buckets:


{A trio of pink buckets ties in with this room’s cheery color scheme.  From}

Buckets are a very inexpensive way to stay organized {you can find them in the dollar store} and they come in a bunch of different sizes, so you can use them for holding anything from shoes to pens and paperclips.


Footlockers are a staple when it comes to storing out-of-season clothes and shoes.  Fortunately, these days your color choices go beyond black and army green.  Now, you can choose from pink, purple, lime and other fun colors available at

Collapsible Storage is another great idea for small dorms.  These sturdy bins {from} are fashionable enough to display but they also fold flat so you can tuck them away when not in use.

Metal Bins also work well for holding items that you’ll want to have easy access to.  These bins {from the Macbeth collection} come in a ton of colors and patterns, and you can also add a custom label or monogram:

If  your dorm has a community shower, you’ll need a good Shower Tote to carry your bath items back and forth.  Your tote will get a lot of use and it will get wet, so avoid one made from fabric.  Instead, go with a tote that is made from plastic and has holes so water can drain, like these flexible totes from

A small dorm means a small closet but you can maximize your space by using clothes organizers and over-the-door hangers.  To save money, look for an Organization Kit that includes several items for one price like this dorm organization kit from

Finally, it is very important that you have a neat desk/message area because this will be your ‘academic and social’ command center.  Be creative, colorful and label everything!  Here is a great example from mademoisellemichael:

Another idea for your desk area — Secure clipboards to the wall with velcro, and use them for displaying pictures, reminders and notes:


Dry-erase wall decals and calenders will also help to keep you organized…and re-useable equals eco-friendly:



Well, that does it for my Dorm Decorating Series!  I hope these ideas have inspired you to create a colorful and comfortable college home.

CLICK HERE for the link to all three posts which include:  Bedding Basics, Wall Decor and Storage Solutions.  Bookmark this link so you can reference back to it or send it to a friend.  Have a great school year!

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