Drab To Fab: Multi-Purpose Makeover

Today, my third ‘House Calls’ redesign is featured in The Washington Post!

{illustration by Julius Goyanko}

This makeover was really fun, and I’ll admit, somewhat indulgent.  The idea was to show that multi-purpose rooms do not have to be so basic and utilitarian.  These spaces can be comfortable and attractive, too — which is something I learned when designing my own multi-purpose room {aka: the basement}.  Every room in your home should be a place where you want to spend time there, and any room can serve more than one purpose.

{BEFORE – photo from The Washington Post}

The homeowners have a waterfront property in Maryland.  They wanted to use this space for watching TV, sewing {a request from the Mrs.}, crafting with the grandchildren and just hanging out.

{the Design Board}

{The color palette is ‘in reverse:’  blue on the walls and green on the ceiling.}

My favorite thing:  this Thomas Paul Crab Pillow {www.pillowsandthrows.com}. Can’t have home on the water in Maryland without a Maryland Blue Crab!

4 thoughts on “Drab To Fab: Multi-Purpose Makeover

  1. Thanks for your comment. YES, I do hope the homeowners use the color palette and paint the ceiling with Gleeful! I often suggest that clients paint their ceilings and they always love it! Your ceiling is the “5th wall” in a room. When you use an especially vibrant wall color, a white ceiling will look too stark. Even a light tinted color on the ceiling will make a big difference, and your room will look more harmonious.

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