eDesign: A New Look For Birchgrove Baking

There’s only one word I can use to describe my recent eDesign project: Sweet!

Located in Montpelier, Vermont, Birchgrove Baking specializes in custom cakes, pastries and coffee.

I first heard from Jenn a couple of months ago.  As the owners of Birchgrove Baking, she and her husband were trying to decide on a new color scheme.  At that time, the bakery had blue walls, black display cases {left behind from the previous owners} and red accent chairs — all great colors but Jenn was ready for a change.  She wanted friendly hues that would give the bakery a fresh look and appeal to her loyal customers.

After reviewing a few different color palettes that I recommended for the bakery, Jenn ultimately decided on the combination of yellow and gray.  She also threw in a couple of warm blues for accent colors.

The new colors are cheerful, welcoming, and everyone loves the new look.  Jenn says the bakery, which measures just 19′ x 23′, even looks larger.  In a stark contrast from the previous wall color, customers are now greeted with sunny yellow walls.  Jenn also removed some of the display cases, and the remaining pieces received a coat of gray paint.  She stenciled the backs of a few shelves, and others were covered with Woods Wallpaper from Anthropologie, which was also used on the bakery’s accent walls.

This re-design was all about color branding and paying attention to the details:  Accent chairs and the Barista bar were also given new hues.

Didn’t Jenn do a wonderful job?  Birchgrove Baking was already a hot spot with the locals before this re-design, but it’s even more popular now.  If you’re ever in Vermont or you live in or near Montpelier, be sure to stop by the bakery for coffee and a sweet treat…and tell ‘em Kelly@Color Sizzle sent you!

If you need help selecting a color scheme for your business, contact me at kelly@colorsizzle.com.  I offer affordable eDesign services to assist you wherever you live.

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