eDesign: Blue, Pink and Gray

Today, I’m sharing a design board that I created for one of my clients via Design Take-Out.

PROBLEM:  Tia had her dining/living room painted, but later realized that the colors she selected were too dark.  She wanted lighter colors and new accessories that would brighten up the entire space (her existing furniture has dark finishes).  The space also lacked sufficient lighting.

SOLUTION:  I delivered a design plan that included soft colors and chic accents in shades of blue, pink and gray (turquoise, navy and pink are some of her favorite colors).  I also selected new lighting fixtures that will help to improve the space’s overall lighting.

Tia already had the idea of creating a gallery wall with family photos, but she also needed a way to display accessories (she doesn’t have room for bookshelves or accent tables).  So, my solution included the use of floating shelves so that photos, vases, decorative boxes, etc. can be displayed together over her sofa.  Problem solved — and Tia called to say that she can’t wait to start shopping!

Do you have a design dilemma?  For more information on our eDesign + Paint Color Service, CLICK HERE!  Or contact me at kelly@porterhousedesigns.com.

Sources for items shown:  lampsplus, wisteria, wayfair, etsy, potterybarn

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