Exterior Color Ideas {from Oregon}

One thing I love about my online design service is that I get to work with really nice people who live all over country…

…such as Anne, a watercolor artist who lives in Corvallis, Oregon.  I was thrilled when she contacted me about helping her choose exterior colors.  Anne owns two houses that sit just a few hundred feet apart on a gorgeous piece of property filled with colorful flower gardens and lush green trees.  One of the homes is her main residence and she uses the other for her studio and guest house.

When I spoke with Anne, it was clear that she loves vibrant hues and was open to using multiple colors on each house.  But she didn’t want the colors to compete with her flowers or draw too much attention to her property.

She had some ideas for paint colors but she wasn’t sure what would look best or if there were other colors she should consider.  All of that is understandable.  Deciding on the colors for one house can be a challenge…but two houses?  That can be a daunting task.

Anne sent me photos of her houses, the gardens, and she also sent a photo of her artwork.  This radiant watercolor allowed me to see what colors Anne is comfortable with, and it helped me to pull the color scheme together:

{by Anne Schuster}

I wanted the dominant colors on each house to reflect nature’s seasonal hues, so I went with an earthy green {Clary Sage} for the main residence and an autumn amber {Autumnal} for the guest house.  For both houses, the trim was done in a tone that was a couple of shades darker than the main color, but still in the same color family.  To tie the look together {and to add a little punch of color} the front door on each home was painted with the same vibrant violet {Fabulous Grape}.  All colors are by Sherwin-Williams.com.

{BEFORE – main residence}


{BEFORE – guest house}


I was so happy when Anne emailed to say that she loved the color scheme, and I was even more excited when she sent the ‘after’ photos.  In her own words, this is what she had to say about the process:

Does your home’s exterior need a fresh coat of paint?  Now is a great time to get it done before the weather gets colder.  If you need help choosing colors, I’d love to help you!  Just send me an email at: kelly@porterhousedesigns.com, and I’ll respond quickly with a quote.  Right now I’m offering special pricing for fall!

All photos provided by Anne Schuster.   Check out her website to see more of her amazing paintings:  Bellfountain Art


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