Fab 4th of July Ideas

To celebrate Independence Day, I’m offering my first ever Porter House Designs Printables!

You can use these ‘Interstate July 4 Signs’ as cupcake toppers, straw tags or any other idea you come up with.  These Printables are FREE and you can download them HERE. Below are some other great Red, White and Blue ideas from around the web.  Enjoy the Celebration!

Retro Party Decor from Etsy

Ideas and Guidelines for Designing with the American Flag by ShelterPop

Sweet Treats from Martha Stewart

Snack Bowls from Plum Party

4 thoughts on “Fab 4th of July Ideas

  1. I am eternally grateful for your blog.

    You know what they say about imitation and flattery … I am going to imitate your paper flowers for Uganda’s independence celebrations on October 9.

    Thank you for endless inspiration.

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