Color Sheme: Purple and Brown

{Amanda Nisbet}

As the Fall 2010 colors begin to emerge, the autumn-inspired palette of purple and brown is definitely a trend to watch.  As you know, purple is my fave and I’m also glad to see that brown is still hot.

{ – Fall 2010 color trends}


I’m also loving the different variations:  lavender, taupe, plum, chocolate, periwinkle, espresso, violet, mocha…

{plates and napkins}

{jcpenney-studio helix collection}

{ –  designer Brian Patrick Flynn}

I’ve also been known to do a little lilac paired with khaki and chocolate, myself:

{Porter House Designs}

8 thoughts on “Color Sheme: Purple and Brown

  1. I love this color combination and would like to decorate my bedroom with the color scheme, very relaxing variation.

  2. Hi Kelly! Just stumbled upon your blog and when I saw the title “Purple and Brown” I was drawn in. Love this combination of colors and the above design ideas are just great. Really liked the last image with the added khaki tone, and the fun/fluffy area rug ;) Thanks for sharing, great inspiration!

  3. I don’t have anything against purple as an accent color in interiors. I do not, however, like purple and brown together that much. That being said, I definitely prefer the rich shades in the top (Amanda Nisbet) room. Thanks for the interesting post.

  4. This is too funny! I also did a post on purple today:-). It is usually not a go to colour for me for interior design, but that may change soon…

  5. Well Kelly: I have to say that purple and its variations is not really one of my favorite colors…but! I love all your pictures here…and the color palette at top! And actually I think your lilac and khaki and chocolate is my favorite! It’s been a year since I first saw this trend emerging at Maison in Paris…and it has certainly continued to ascend.

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