Fall Color Scheme: Orange and Brown

Fall is my favorite season and I’m always inspired by the beautiful, warm colors that emerge this time of year.  I especially love the color combo of orange and brown.

{the lennoxx}

Yesterday, I took this photo of my front yard:

This is ‘peak week’ in my area — a time when the fall colors are at their best.  But today, the DC – Baltimore area is also awaiting the landfall of Hurricane Sandy.  This storm is expected to blow through, cause wide-spread damage, and take the fall colors with it when it leaves.  I’m praying it won’t be as bad as some are saying, but we are preparing, nonetheless.  If you’re in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast corridor, be safe!

I hope the rest of you will have the chance to get out and enjoy the fall colors in your area this week.  And, no matter where you live, if you love warm colors and want to try an orange and brown color scheme at home, here are some very pretty ideas:


{the lennoxx}

{enchanted home}

{bedroom shown above from hisugarplum.com}



{hi sugarplum}


{cool interiors}

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