Fashion-Inspired Bedroom Colors


These photos are from the Fall 2009 Baby Phat/KLS Fashion Show that took place earlier this week in New York.  I love how the ‘Kimora Lee Simmons Clan’ was adorned in shades of pink, purple and black.  Simmons’ adorable daughters, Aoki Lee, Ming Lee and beau — the incredibly talented actor Djimon Hounsou, all looked very urban chic wearing fuchsia, violet and black.  Not sure why Ms. Simmons wore beige, but none the less she looked radiant.



Looking at these couture colors reminded me of two gorgeous bedrooms that I’d seen using the same palette.  If you like the clothes, you’ll love these spaces:


This pretty bedroom ( was designed using different tones of purple, accented with pink.  This is a good example of how you don’t have to be so matchy-matchy when using one color.  Pictured below is a stylish teen bedroom that my blogger-friend Helene Blonsky designed for her daughter.  Helene did a marvelous job combining pink and purple with black and white — all very hot color combinations right now.  Mmmm…she must be on to something.  Click Here to see how this space came together.

Helene Blonsky_daughter's bedroom1


Photos from the Fall 2009 Baby Phat/KLS Fashion Show:

5 thoughts on “Fashion-Inspired Bedroom Colors

  1. Great post Kelly and thank you for featuring my daughter’s room. I love the way you tie in colors used in fashion with interiors’ palettes. Myself, I frequently am inspired by fashion magazines. Having said that I created my daughter’s room palette without referring to fashion but using her wants and my combinations. It’s also such fun doing kids’ and teenagers’ rooms, you can let loose a little more than you would in other spaces. Thanks again!

    Lena’s last blog post..Bedroom makeover

  2. I love these colors together in an outfit and a room! You definitely have to be a confident man to wear fuchsia, as I’m sure Djimon Hounsou is. Great pictures!!

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