Finding Comfort In The Colors You Love

If you’ve ever hesitated to use and combine the colors you love for fear that others might not approve, then you’ll want to check out my featured Ideabook over at this week!

For the story, I had the pleasure of interviewing designer Matty Adler to learn all about the inspiration behind this amazing Victorian-style summer home.  I was delighted to learn that all of the colors and the overall design were ‘taken’ right from the homeowner’s personality.

The wife, an artist {with a bubbly personality}, loves vibrant colors and she wasn’t afraid to use them in this family vacation home.  She went with her instincts and did what pleasing to her — rejecting the more neutral, safe interiors seen in many magazines.  Hallelujah!

I know that many of you color lovers are afraid to go all out, but just remember:  What you do may not appeal to everyone, but you’ll be happiest in your home when you design for yourself.  CLICK HERE to see more photos and descriptions.

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