Garden Inspired Spaces

If I could turn my backyard garden into a room…


It would look like this:


Nature is our biggest source of inspiration.  Its purposeful and plentiful color is a gift from God.  We live in a colorful world, but do we really see the colors?  When you truly notice how colors are combined outdoors, you’ll feel confident bringing more colors indoors.  Compare the two photos above:  In the garden, violet phlox translates into plush violet chairs; deep brown mulch becomes the main hue for walls and flooring; new growth of a pine tree is reflected in yellow-green draperies and pillows.  And check out the room’s wall mural — flowers, plants and birds — perfection.


This dining room also picks up some of the garden’s colors:  red of the Japanese maple, gray tones of the stonework, and mulch brown.


The wall color in this space reflects the soft green found in many of my garden plants.


Another splash of violet in this dining room, along with a touch of mint green which is the color of the vase in my garden.


This kitchen also features that mint green.  The darker shades represent the color of my “see-no-evil” frog….or maybe I should call him the “see-no-color” frog:


Perhaps this little guy can remind us to actually see the colors of nature — whether it’s your garden, a beautiful sunset, or the produce at your grocery store.  Be inspired!

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7 thoughts on “Garden Inspired Spaces

  1. The picture of the garden is absolutely beautiful. It reminds me of my home that I recently moved away from in California.

    The little frog that looks like he trying to tell us to open our eyes is to cute for words.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Keith Martin

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