Restaurant Color {Two Urban Licks}

I was just in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago and I was totally inspired by a restaurant with an unusual name.

Two Urban Licks is one of the city’s trendiest places to dine.  Once a large warehouse, this hip, mid-town eating spot is characterized by tall, exposed ceilings, large windows and industrial flooring — but the space is anything but sterile.

With a contemporary color palette of red, brown and gray, this restaurant is very warm and sophisticated. I loved the red lighting fixtures of different shapes that hang together in a group {top photo}.  It makes a very dramatic color statement and it’s also something you can do at home in your dining room.

If you’re ever in Atlanta, check out Two Urban Licks!  Besides the fab decor, the servers are really friendly {southern hospitality, here} and the food is excellent.  I recommend the ‘Salmon Chips’ for starters.

2 thoughts on “Restaurant Color {Two Urban Licks}

  1. Hello kelly,
    I am building a restaurant in Gilbert Arizona. The restaurant is named the henhouse cafe. The restaurant was located in Mesa Az. But we wanted a change in demographics. Gilbert area has a younger family customer base which we were looking for. Our food is home cooking ie,chicken fried steak, home made biscuits and gravy, crepes, Benedict’s, and specialty sandwiches buying everything we can from local farmers. My question is I want the theme to be a new country look incorporating antiques in with new. I haven’t picked a table, booth, wall, ceiling or flooring color because I want this to be fresh and new and not done a 1000 times. The architect has finished the plans and we will start construction next week so I still have some time. Please help with a country chic color…. Thanks Maureen

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