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My oldest son just turned 16, and he is now learning how to drive {pray for us}.  So, when the opportunity presented itself a few weeks ago, we were fortunate enough to buy a new car…

…a Kia Soul.  You’ve probably seen those crazy commercials with the hamsters, which totally reflect a slice of pop culture — “You can get with this, or you can get with that…” We didn’t own a small car {I drive a Suburban}, so this is just what we needed.

I have to admit that aside from the safety features, great MPG and overall style, what sold me on the Soul was the houndstooth accent pattern on the seats.  I know.  That seems so trivial, but for my designer-eye that was something I could really get with.


Houndstooth is a classic motif that originated in Scotland.  It’s one of my favorite patterns.  You see it quite often in fashion, but it’s very stylish in interiors, too.  I especially think it looks best when used in a colorful setting, or when the pattern itself is in color — as opposed to its traditional black and white form.

{house beautiful}

{design happens}


{Miley Cyrus’ dressing room –}

{Tobi Fairley}

Just a little bit of houndstooth can make a big impact.



{the star}

{style hive}

Houndstooth was a choice motif for the very chic re-design of the 1 Place Vendome Restaurant at Hotel De Vendome in Paris:

Getting back to the car, I recently interviewed Trend and Color Expert Kate Smith. She made an interesting point when she said that certain trends begin in the automobile industry.  I’ll be curious to see if houndstooth’s appearance in a ‘happening’ car will boost it’s popularity elsewhere.  Time will tell.

3 thoughts on “Get With Houndstooth

  1. I LOVE large-scale houndstooth! In fact, I wrote a whole post about it a while back on my old blog, DesignTies. I especially like it when it’s colourful as opposed to traditional black & white.

    It’s beyond cool that the Kia Soul seats have houndstooth fabric! That would totally sell me on a Soul too!

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