Glam Up Your Guest Room

painted stripes |guest room by kelly porter


The holidays are upon us and that means their could be overnight guests in your future.  If you need tips to glam up your guest room, here are five fab ideas:

1.  Add Color.  Give your guest room a fresh coat of paint.  Use a fun color or interesting pattern {stripes, chevron, etc.}.  Your guests will appreciate the time and thought that went into creating a special room for them.

2.  Get An Upholstered Headboard.  If you’re getting a new bed, look for an upholstered headboard.  Not only are they glam but if you’re short on space, this type of headboard can do double duty as a comfy chair.  Upholstered headboards make for terrific reading in bed.

3.  Ornate Organization.  Just in case your guest forgets {or runs out of} bath and beauty items, leave a small collection of toiletries in your guest room.  To keep it glam, put lotion and body wash in glass bottles, place cotton balls in glass dishes, and put travel-size toiletries in stylish boxes.

4.  Don’t Forget Fresh Towels.  Keep a few towels stocked in your guest room.  White towels are classic and very hotel-chic.

5.  Layer The Bed With A Blanket.  Provide your guest with an extra blanket, in case it gets a little chilly at night.

bloomingdales faux fur throw

I’m really loving these faux fur throws which are very hot right now.  They’re super glam, very soft and will add a luxe feel to your guest room.  The blankets shown above are available at

faux fur throw

{a touch of luxe}

Adding those special touches to your guest room is a great way to show your family and friends that they are welcome!

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