Go Dark With Wallpaper or Paint

I’ve gone over to the dark side this week by sharing tips around the web on how to use dark colors in your home.


{wintercreative via houzz}

Over at Houzz, you can find my Ideabook on using wallpaper to create dark and dreamy bedrooms.

{habachy designs via houzz}

Then, at Sherwin-Williams STIR I’m dishing out ways that designers can help clients feel comfortable using darker paint colors {but I think this info is useful for anyone — not just designers}.

{the lennoxx}



Dark colors and wall coverings bring elegance and sophistication to your home like nothing else can.  Be daring in 2012 and give ‘em a try!

2 thoughts on “Go Dark With Wallpaper or Paint

  1. Dark rooms are so dramatic and rich looking :-) I don’t have any dark rooms in my house, but I did paint the dining room ceiling Bittersweet Chocolate, and I love it :-) Oh, and the guest room is mostly pink & white tiles, but the little bit of wall space that there is, I painted a dark purple. Love it!

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