Green Scene


This room is featured in the new February issue of domino magazine and I absolutely love it!  This space reflects everything that’s hot in the design world right now:  bold graphics, glam Asian-inspired furniture, white accessories and a colorful, eye-catching wall treatment.  With green as the main color, this room has organic, natural qualities.  In contrast, it also has an electrifying appearance thanks to the striped wall featuring shades of pink and black.  The home office pictured below ( is also a great space:


The soothing palette of green and white makes this room a perfect place to work and gather your thoughts.  I also love the open shelves because they don’t break-up the wall color as much.  And just in case you’d like to try out this muted green color in a smaller dose, this Roots floor lamp in green eucalyptus ( would make a gorgeous addition to a room painted in light blue or brown.  Green is a very easy color to live with so don’t be afraid to experiment with it in different ways.


4 thoughts on “Green Scene

  1. I absolutely love this combination of colors. I really like how the white “pops” against the green which is so natural and beautiful.

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