Haiti’s Colorful Art {For Sale!}

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It’s been weeks since Haiti was devastated by a catastrophic earthquake.  Since then, we’re not hearing as much about relief efforts, but they are on-going.  Haiti still needs our support and prayers.  If you’re a collector of colorful artwork or just inspired by it, you may be interested in helping through the Vassar Haiti Project, a non-profit organization that provides aid and assistance to Haiti through the sale of Haitian art.

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One of the Vassar Haiti Project’s main goals is to support education and sustainability in Chermaitre, a rural Haitian village.  Since the earthquake, the organization has expanded their monetary aid to relief efforts and a fund that is helping artists rebuild their homes in Port Au Prince.

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You can purchase the artwork directly from the Vassar Haiti Project website. Even if you’re not a collector, this vibrant artwork can serve as a striking focal point for any room in your home.  It is truly inspiring.

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Many Haitian artists are self-taught, and their artwork is rich with color and culture.  Their art reflects the beauty of their country — despite the struggles and tragedies that they face.

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“Through political turmoil, natural disasters, and crippling poverty, the Haitian artists have preserved a cultural heritage, and offered pride and hope to the Haitian people through their beautiful visions of their beloved country. Protecting and supporting the art community and culture in Haiti will be vital for its long-term recovery and its rebuilding as a nation.” — excerpt from the Vassar Haiti Project Blog.

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The artwork presented here is from the Vassar Haiti Project. Visit their site to purchase.  However, please note that due to the large number of recent sales, some paintings on their website are no longer available. If you see a painting you’d like to purchase, please check with them to see if it is still available.

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