Haute Home Essentials

Who says home essentials have to be boring?  Small doses of unexpected color really do make life a little more entertaining on the home front.  Here are a few products that can make each day a colorful one!

These colorful items from VivaTerra.com can make cleaning up a little more bearable.

Who knew air fresheners could be so exciting?  Love these Premium Room Sprays from Glade.

Every cabinet needs a pull.  Try these Lucky Number knobs from Anthropologie.com.

These hand-crocheted washcloths from Etsy.com can also be used as coasters.

Spice up your dinner with this Fiesta flatware set from Macys.com.

Rubber gloves never looked so sexy…

…And check out these tantalizing toilet brushes, all from Tidy Aphrodite by Eclipse {you can find some of these items at Five Below.com}.


Loving these luxe leather hampers from Linens ‘N Things.com.  Definitely a splurge item!

2 thoughts on “Haute Home Essentials

  1. So cute! The thought of having bright and colorful toilet brush holders just makes the chore of cleaning the toilet seem that much less daunting! :)

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