{Hot! Hot! Hot!} Colores

I don’t know about you, but I’m freezing!  

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The winter here in the Mid-Atlantic region has been frigid and snowy thus far.  So to heat things up a bit I’ve decided to showcase sizzling colors from south of the border.  Caliente!





As a color lover, I totally heart Spanish and Latin American design — an aesthetic marked by hacienda-style architecture and pure, vibrant color that naturally gives you a feeling of warmth.  In Mexico, color is used abundantly.  For centuries, hues have been inspired by the sun, sky, soil, clay and indigenous plants and fruit.  A signature color that you’ll often see in Mexican interiors is called Rosa Mexicano.




{the world effect}

Rosa Mexicano is a very vivid pink that is often paired with orange and yellow.  Other popular color combinations include a mix of red, indigo, violet and mid-tone green.




{the world effect}


{the world effect}

Although these colors are used in a way that is pleasing to the eye, the overall goal of the Mexican color palette is to emphasize the architecture, such as ceiling beams, arches, stairs, shutters and doorways.


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Colorful Mexican and Talavera tile is also used in a variety of striking combinations.


{apartment therapy}



One more…

ss bungalow_kellyporter

{porter house designs}

You may remember this photo from my ‘House of Paint’ post.  This house is not located in Latin America.  It’s the home of one of my clients, who bravely selected bold colors reminiscent of Guatemala — definitely one of my favorite projects.

Well, I’m feeling much warmer now, and I hope these photos have brought out the color courage in you!

5 thoughts on “{Hot! Hot! Hot!} Colores

  1. Found your blog via google images, looking for examples of Mexican pink. I share your love of Latin American style, both the architecture and the colors. Thanks for sharing these images!

  2. Awesome colours!! Yep, they warmed me up!!!! I love, love, LOVE the purple wall in the Corbis Images photo. I don’t think purple can get any more vibrant than that!!!


  3. First of all, Happy Birthday!
    I stumbled upon your website while searching color trends for 2010 and what a surprise to find such a comprehensive site! I LOVE it! Great tips, beautiful pictures and I love how you show nature translated into the art of decorating. I can’t imagine how much time it takes to deal with the website alone. We just finished remodeling our Sarasota, FL home and now it’s time to do the same with our NC home. Thanks for sharing your expertise with us!
    Sarasota, FL

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