House of Paint

I was recently contacted by a homeowner who lives in Downtown Silver Spring, a revitalized area just north of D.C. known for its colorful outdoor spaces, trendy restaurants and shops.


This client lives in one of the many charming bungalows that sit on quiet streets just beyond the action.  His goal:  to create his own lively space by using bold, festive colors.  Bring the noise!


When I arrived for our color consultation, the homeowner handed me a calendar.  It had gorgeous photos of Guatemala including houses and scenery enveloped in vivid, saturated hues.  We quickly got to work, and a while later we created a palette that included a variety of vibrant colors.


In each room we also painted the ceiling using a lighter tint of the chosen wall color.



This was a really fun project.  Best of all, my courageous client loves how the colors turned out and he’s happy with his home — that’s what it’s all about.

Some of the colors used in this project:


{From Sherwin-Williams: African Violet, Chartreuse, Jalapeno, Julep}

Colorful scenes from downtown Silver Spring {click photos for link}:

silver spring play fountain

silver spring_fidojournalism


bungalow_silver spring_activerain

9 thoughts on “House of Paint

  1. the fourth picture the greenish colored room i have a question what is the name of the color paint you used on the wall? im redoing the paint in my room and i just adore that color!

  2. I’m so happy to see so much color being used in decorating these days. I have always loved color and was so sick of plain white walls so about 10 years ago I decided to put an end to it. My family thought I was crazy and my husband did his best to talk me out of it but I stood my ground and painted my family room red and I love it. That is definitely the most cozy room in my home. And, to my surprise after it was finished my husband liked it too. Even my grown children who had told me it would make the room too dark painting it red liked it. :-) Since then I have not looked back and I’m still adding color to my home wherever I can. These photos you have shown here make me smile and feel happy just like they do in my own home and my motto the past several years has been “out with white walls”. :-)

  3. .You could NOT help but be happy in this house.

    The outside makes me laugh so hint of what is to come…Love to hear the comments of visitors as they step in.

    BUT one thing… Is a there a say grey room to rest your eyes now and then?.Just asking.

  4. What a fabulous result! Great colour combinations Kelly and I just love the way they draw you in from one room to another. What a dream client too!

  5. Hi Tee,
    For some reason I thought you were in NYC…how nice to have a fellow Washingtonian as a fellow design blogger!


  6. I love the way the colors flow from one room to the next – that’s what I’m trying to do in my house too. Your client’s house looks fabulous!

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