Ideas For Bedroom Wallpaper

Decorating with wallpaper seems to be making a comeback…but not in every room.


We’re not too excited about wallpapering our kitchens or family rooms, but decorating the bedroom with wallpaper is becoming very popular among designers and homeowners.

{my oasis}

{european chic design}

Many homeowners are choosing to wallpaper just one focal wall — usually the wall behind the bed.  This is a great idea if you have a bed with a not-so-grand headboard.  For the greatest impact, select a wall covering with a big, bold pattern.


Wallpaper in the bedroom is no longer a thing of the past, and it’s definitely not just for kids rooms.  Today’s styles are both classic and contemporary, and the right selection can give you ideas for an entire color scheme.

{simply home designs}

{house and home}

{house beautiful}

And don’t forget the closet…

{wallpaper for kitchens}

{No wall space in your closet?  Paper the ceiling!  Photo by elledecor.}

For more ideas, visit ‘Bedroom Wallpaper.’

One thought on “Ideas For Bedroom Wallpaper

  1. i actually plan on doing this in my bedroom! it’s so funny, i have the mag that features the 3rd pic and the wallpaper in that room was my inspiration. i’ve been trying to find the supplier. great feature!

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