Ideas For Colorful Nurseries

Many new and expecting moms often ask what colors are best for their baby’s nursery.


It’s important to consider that babies do see colors at birth, but they are not able to make sense of what’s what.  That’s because a baby’s brain is still developing.  So, objects seem to just blend together at first.  Also, it’s difficult for a baby to see the difference between similar colors, such as red and orange; blue and green.  That’s probably why most babies prefer bright colors and contrast…

{little crown interiors}

…and that is why I recommend that parents use a vibrant color scheme or introduce eye-catching accent colors in their baby’s room.

{apartment therapy}

{buy modern baby}

{the stir}

{spearmint baby}

{little crown interiors}

{design crisis}

If you prefer to stick with neutral walls, add pops of color with wall art, fabric and other accessories.

Babies learn fast and color can aid in their development.  God created a colorful world for a reason so there must be something that we gain from having color in our life straight from the start.

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  1. Nice to see one of those is a picture I had already chosen as one of the inspiration photos for our nursery, which is in progress. :)

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