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So, it’s Monday and you may be wondering how in the world can you make being at work (or school) a little more enjoyable.  Unless, of course, you’re already enjoying yourself.  If you could use a little pick-me-up, Parker Pens has a great collection of funky, colorful pens — some of which I just spied at Wal-Mart. This ‘Vector – Colour Addict’ pen collection features a retro-techo, Asian-inspired vibe.  All wrapped up in bold ‘n bright hues.  Very cool and very fun.  Now, what if you could take some of these colors and combine them into a room in your home?  It might look something like this (from pointclickhome):


…not that you’d want to take your work home with you.

2 thoughts on “Ink Chic

  1. I LOVE this post Kelly!!! What delicious colours!!!! and the scheme you matched is so crisp and fresh, oh roll on spring and summer! Just the inspiration I needed as I’m kind of at a s-low place right now – I’ve also hurt my back and the simplest activity is a huge effort (not that I should be doing any activity, but try not to when you’re ‘working’ at home and have spoiled everyone rotten lol).
    I should really get back into study mode too but keep getting side-tracked with other activities. Oh well, I’ll get there eventually – I’ll just keep popping over to you for inspiration my dear!
    Keep well and happy :)

    Lena’s last blog post..Xmas ‘08 break at Pelion

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