Inspired By Olympic Gold {and Gabby Douglas}

As the 2012 Summer Olympics begin to wind down, I have been truly inspired by all of the amazing athletes from around the world.

Being a proud American, I am especially thrilled for Team USA!  They have won over 40 Gold medals and 90+ overall!  So, being the design/color blogger that I am, I couldn’t resist featuring a few golden ideas for your home —  and I have a special shout-out to gymnast Gabby Douglas after the pictures:


{architectural digest}

Gold accessories and accent furniture pieces work well with any color scheme.



Now to my shout-out:

I’m proud join a group of fellow bloggers who are posting, tweeting and pinning our love for Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas.  In this year’s games, Gabby has won two gold medals in both the team and individual all-around competitions.  She is the first American gymnast to do this at the same Olympics.  Gabby is also the first African-American gymnast to become the individual all-around champion.  That inspires me.

I wish I had embodied Gabby’s courage and perseverance when I was a young, aspiring gymnast many moons ago.  I was actually pretty good…but I wasn’t confident enough to believe that I could be great.  Gabby knew she could be great even when she looked around and rarely saw other gymnasts who looked like her.

So, congratulations to Gabby Douglas – America’s Golden Girl and a true inspiration!

2 thoughts on “Inspired By Olympic Gold {and Gabby Douglas}

  1. Love your website. Decorating with gold is really classy. Gabby is extra special and I’m so happy she won the gold! She followed her dreams and achieved them.

    Would you be interested in trading links. My website is I believe that your items would complement mine.

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