Inspired Color Schemes: Spring Blossoms

If you need fresh color ideas, this is the perfect time to look to nature for inspiration.

Spring blossoms are blooming ahead of schedule and they are bigger than ever — all thanks to a mild winter.  So, I decided to grab my camera and head out into the yard to capture these gorgeous colors before they fade away.  I used my photos as inspiration for three color schemes that you can incorporate into your home with paint and accent colors.

When using these colors, be creative and don’t worry about following any so-called color rules.  I just read something about the “60-30-10″ rule which states that you should choose a main color for 60% of your room, a secondary color for 30% and an accent hue for 10%.  My thoughts on that rule — break it!

I’ve done several rooms where I painted one color on two opposing walls, used a second color on the other two walls, and chose two more colors for accessories and fabric.  It’s a fun look and my clients love it.  I hope you were inspired to try something romantic, retro or radiant today!

All photos by Kelly Porter
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5 thoughts on “Inspired Color Schemes: Spring Blossoms

  1. Since I am a color evangelist I thought it was fun to see how I would be identified here. Although I am a lover of the retro it was radiant that stole my heart. Romantic, not so much. I think when you love love love color it is go big or go home. :D

  2. This color combination was right on time. I was creating a room using purple and just didn’t know what should be my other colors and now thanks to you I have finalized by color palette.

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