Lots Of Yellow And A Bit O’ Blue

As the fall colors peaked here in the Mid-Atlantic Region, I was amazed at how quickly the Crape Myrtle trees in our backyard transformed into a brilliant shade of yellow.  What also stood out was the blue wind mobile that I brought back from California this past spring.  Although it’s been hanging in the tree since then, the surrounding greenery had subdued it’s vibrant, blue color — almost camouflaging it.  But now, with yellow as the backdrop, the wind mobile really pops, don’t you think?

Traditionally, blue has always made a great accent color to yellow, as these photos below (from Valspar) suggest.

And lastly, I snapped a photo (below) of this adorable, cottage-style home while in Newport Beach, CA. I think this house is a true example of a classic color scheme featuring a lot of yellow and a teenie bit of blue.

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