Moroccan Design

The colorful interiors of Morocco are a feast for the senses.

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They are rich in heritage, color, pattern, texture and scents.  These beautiful designs reflect the best of the North African landscape and culture — the ocean, soil, fruit, spices, wildflowers, sun and sky.




Moroccan interiors have classic Spanish and Moorish influences, so these designs are filled with natural materials {i.e clay and ceramic tile, metal and brass}, carved furnishings and beautiful fabrics.


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In these interiors, you’ll often see colors such as pink, red-orange, saffron, sapphire and other jewel tones that are sultry and saturated.  Moroccan design is also famous for comfort — tons of throw pillows, floor pillows and poufs.  With all of this, there is no better design style to find inspiration for our own homes.


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