Restaurant Color {Ranazul}

I recently dined at Ranazul, a tapas restaurant in Maple Lawn, MD. As with all restaurants I eat at for the first time, my eyes searched for color and design inspiration.

In the midst of lot of brown, beige and black leather, I noticed blue overhead.  Sky-blue fabric panels gently swooping from the ceiling.  It was just a subtle touch of color, but I surmised that if the panels had been a more vivid color, they would have taken away from the serene feel of the restaurant.

Ranazul Restaurant_website photo

Adding soft blues to a neutral palette is a great color scheme for any space that you want to keep casual and relaxed.

Ranazul website photo

{The wine wall is a focal point at Ranazul}

2 thoughts on “Restaurant Color {Ranazul}

  1. Wow, that looks like a great restaurant.

    I’ve done my fair share of eating in Maryland and DC, and that’s definitely one of the more interesting ones, without that air of over-the-top pretentious formality that I found at so many places in DC. Thanks for the heads up.

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