Non-Traditional Christmas Colors

It’s that time of year when many of my posts will focus on chic and unique color ideas for Christmas!  So, be sure to check back often or subscribe so you won’t miss a thing!

Today, I’m starting with one of my custom wreaths.  I’ve made several different wreaths over the years and I make a new one {or two} each Christmas.  I’m actually running out of places to put them, so I end up giving them away as gifts.

Plum Spice & Ice is mostly a warm color combo but it also has a bit of a chill.  I mixed a toasty purple and spicy coppers with icy gray-blue to create an exotic look that also feels wintry.  Also, copper is a stylish, unexpected alternative to gold and silver.  I love using non-traditional colors for the holidays because it brings a real personal touch to our home.

7 thoughts on “Non-Traditional Christmas Colors

  1. I love the Plum, Spice and Ice colours! I’m going to try and stick to this theme throughout my house this year. Could you tell me where you got those flowers fro the wreath? or where I could get similar ones?

  2. I needed this today! Looking forward to thinking about something else besides heat and electricity. So glad you were no too affected in Maryland, we are still in the dark 8 days later.

  3. Hi Linda,
    Thanks for your comment. A similar paint color for the ice blue-gray is Tradewind from Sherwin-Williams. Other similar colors for the purple and copper are Fabulous Grape and Pennywise, respectively.

  4. I’ve been decorating with a orange and pale blue motif since I moved into my current home six years ago… Red and green definitely would stick out like a sore thumb since my living room is pale blue and brown. :-)

  5. Love the non-traditional colors of Christmas especially pink and lime, but these are so beautiful. What paint color is the far right circle? It looks like a blue-gray.

  6. I love these colors rather than the traditional colors of red, white green, silver, gold. I have always gone with my own style and colors, others think I’m overdoing it. Love your blog.

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