Photography and Fall Colors

Today I’m featuring pictures that were taken by my terrific twin teenagers.

our street, USA (Nicholson)

My sons, Nicholson (Nick) and Tyson, have become very talented iPhone photographers. So, of course I want to encourage their artistic side.  I thought, what better way to showcase the colors and beauty of fall than to use their photos.  And you can find my Autumn Paint Picks at the end of this post .

leaves and stone (Tyson)

sky fall (Tyson)

the statue at my school (Nicholson)

flame (hmm…not sure who took this one)

Nicholson and Tyson have a birthday in November.  They are my fall babies, so maybe that explains their fascination with this time of year.  They’re great, smart kids and I’m very proud of them!

Tyson and Nick – schoolin’

Nick and Tyson – coolin’

And here are my Awesome Autumn Paint Picks for 2013.  Enjoy!

In Season: Orange and Brown

both photos from

Are you enjoying this fall weather as much as I am?  If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you know I love, love, love fall, and this time of year I usually dedicate a post to orange and brown (a la pumpkin and pinecone).


Orange and brown together are so inviting, and they can make any room feel cozy — even with the addition of cooler colors, such as blue.

Orange and brown feel especially right during the fall months, but these colors look and feel comfortable all year long.

linda woodrum



How will you use orange and brown this fall?

My New Blue Room

It’s been a few weeks since I told you about my plans to re-paint my red room…

…so I’m super excited to announce that the deed is done!  Red has left the building.  Well, sort of.  I kept the red chairs and I’m really loving how they look in the space.

In my Turquoise and Red post, I shared several inspiration photos of this terrific color combo — one of my faves.  But, I think my room turned out even better than I expected.  I still have a few more things to do…I’m waiting on a pair of prints that are being framed, and I’m hunting for new accessories…but I wanted to give you a glimpse into what I’ve done so far.

As you may recall, I wanted the walls to match the color of a Tiffany box, but I ended up changing course just a bit.

My original color choice was Mexicali Turquoise by Benjamin Moore.  I tested it out on two walls (I test big) and absolutely loved it.  But my husband…not so much.  It was “too bright” (his words). *heavy sigh* (me).  So, after looking at several more Ben Moore blues I decided on Spectra Blue — a little softer and slightly muted.

mexicali turquoise by benjamin moore

spectra blue by benjamin moore

We are very happy with how the room is shaping up, and just in time for the holidays! Spectra Blue is quite possibly one of the most beautiful colors I’ve ever used.

The tone changes throughout the day, as the sun travels from the front of my house to the back.  It’s not exactly Tiffany blue, but it’s a very refreshing color that mimics the sky and sea.

My tips for painting:

Test the color first and look at it for a day or so under different lighting conditions.  Be patient and don’t hesitate to paint over a color that doesn’t work.  And if you’re just stuck with choosing colors, call a professional.  Color consultants can save you time, money and frustration…take it from me!

Green and Gray

Green and Gray have a lot in common.

‘my first apartment’ book

The spelling of both colors begin with “GR,” but the similarities go way beyond that.  Green and Gray are both abundant in nature representing both vegetation and stone respectively, so they look and feel natural.  Green and gray are also very easy on the eyes, which is why these colors are popular among homeowners.

customnurseryart blog


It’s important to note that yellow-greens are way more energetic than true or blue-greens. So, chartreuse is not going to feel as serene as pine green, and it will not match the calmness of gray.  But.  Yellow-green still has an organic quality to it, and it actually complements gray very well.


And if you’re a fan of leafy, grassy greens you can easily create a soothing, stress-free room by pairing these true greens with a cool or pale gray.

Whether you like lime green, emerald or something in between, any type of green will work with gray.  With this color combo, you just can’t go wrong.

Online Design: Fall Colors

Many people ask me how my Online Color service works…and if it even works at all.  Well, I’m always happy to explain the process and say, “Yep, it really works!”

To see how it all comes together, take a look at this color design that I created for Angela, who lives in Pittsburgh (250 miles from me).  This project is also very timely, because it includes a fabulous fall color scheme.

Angela contacted me because she was having difficulty choosing paint colors for the main floor of her home.  She had already worked with a local designer, who helped her select fabrics, but Angela wasn’t too happy with the color advice she was getting.  The designer was suggesting pale, neutral paint colors but Angela wanted hues that were a bit more adventurous.

Angela sent me a photo of her fabric selections

Angela sent me photos of her home and fabrics, and she completed an online design questionnaire. We also had a phone consultation — a very important step in the process because listening to my clients is huge for me.  I want to hear my clients explain what they envision for their space.  If I can’t physically be in the room, then careful listening is a must. I pick up so much just by hearing someone’s tone and the words they use.  Most people give me a short story, which can be very informative.  In turn, I want them to know that they are working with real person.

BEFORE: a very pretty sunroom but the walls were missing something…

BEFORE: a kitchen in need of warmth

BEFORE: In the foyer, Angela sampled colors that turned out too dark.

In Angela’s home,  the sunroom, kitchen and family room are all open to each other, but using just one color for the entire area would have been not-so-adventurous.  So, I pulled two colors from the fabric; making sure the hues were somewhat muted so the space wouldn’t feel overwhelming.  Here’s the original plan:

plan for open area (colors by Sherwin-Williams)

Using paint colors along with ‘lively’ fabrics can be challenging.  The trick is to paint the walls with colors that are not too dull or too overpowering.

For the foyer I selected a warm gray, and I chose chocolate brown for an optional accent wall:

colors for the foyer, hall and stairway

Angela was happy with the color scheme, but she was also a little hesitant — which is normal, especially with people who are going from white walls to multiple colors.  After testing paint samples and trading a few more emails with me,  Angela decided to go for it. But she made one change:  she used Anjou Pear in the family room instead of the sunroom. Here are some AFTER photos:

a more inviting kitchen

family room and sunroom

just the right shade of gray in the foyer

Angela was patient with the process and as a result, she and her family are loving their ‘warm and inviting’ fall colors.  That’s how Online Design works.  If you’d like to know how it can work for you, send me an email at