Paint Color: A Turquoise Condo On Capitol Hill

I just visited a client who’s Capitol Hill condo I recently designed.  I love how this space turned out because color is the clear focal point.


We selected this gorgeous shade of turquoise {Aqueduct by Sherwin-Williams} for the main area.  This color captures your eye right away and holds your attention.  It even appears to glow in the sunlight.  Best of all, it reminds my client of her favorite vacation spot —  The Cayman Islands.


For balance (and a beachy feel), we used a neutral sand color {Caen Stone by Sherwin-Williams} for the foyer, which is also picked up in the new furniture and window shades.


The result is a modern and sophisticated urban space with cool Caribbean colors.  How refreshing!



Design and photography by Kelly Porter

9 thoughts on “Paint Color: A Turquoise Condo On Capitol Hill

  1. Simply gorgeous design! It’s just the inspiration that I’ve been looking for to use seaglass colors in my bathroom. Now I want my living room the same way!

  2. Kelly – I love color and I LOVE what you have done with this condo. It’s so refreshing. Excellent job!

  3. Kel – This is beautiful! I love the feel of the colors seeming like an escape, solace while on vacation – home as a haven is so critical particularly living in DC.

    Well done.

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