Bohemian Style {In Pink}


I just had a color revelation:  I really like pink!  I love many colors, although purple — lilac to be exact — is my utmost favorite.  But lately, I find myself being drawn to pretty pink rooms {and things} like these:

{elements of style}

{I just love the boho chic designs of warymeyers}


{home decor arcade}

{One of my favorite pink spaces:  designer Betsey Johnson’s NYC apartment}

{apartment therapy}

{Like the room.  Love the purple ceiling!  Photo from bing.}

Go global!  When you combine orange with pink (above), it creates an exotic feel, as in a Moroccan or Indian inspired space.  Design by Barbara Chambers.  I also love pink when it’s used in a bohemian style, as many of these pictures show.  Pink is such a carefree color so it always looks great in a relaxed, gypsy-inspired space.

I don’t have a pink room in my home {That’s hard to do with the hubby plus three sons} but here are some of my pink things…

Have you ever had a color-scheme revelation?  I’d love to hear about it!

2 thoughts on “Bohemian Style {In Pink}

  1. Hello Kelly,
    My name is Joya Smith. I am a Interior Design student,I can not tell you how pleased I am to see other African American Designers doing so well. You give me such hope and inspiration, that I too can be successful in the career of Interior Design. I think this field is under reperesented by African Americans. I would love to join you and others as a great designer. I just recently started a blog also to help inspire and share ideas with other students and designers at heart. Thanks for the Inspiration

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