Color Scheme: Purple And Orange

Often it is the boldest of color schemes that yield the greatest benefits.


Pairing purple and orange is certainly a courageous choice but consider this:  Purple is the color of royalty, introspection and spirituality.  While orange is associated with creativity, energy and joyfulness.


Even in their lighter tints of lavender and peach, together these hues create a majestic warmth unlike no other color duo.  It’s a look and feel that’s perfect for when you want to create…or just meditate.




Instead of a traditional purple, try periwinkle {as shown above}.  This is a cool, bluish purple that looks great with deep golden oranges, such as ginger.  Photo from





5 thoughts on “Color Scheme: Purple And Orange

  1. Purple and orange are just perfect. Just re-painted the walls of the new house we are moving into purple-a light purple with a dark purple accent wall. My sofas are a deep orange and I have dark wooden furniture and a red rug with orange. my cushions have purples and blues and greens and yellows.After these pictures, I can’t wait to see how beautiful my living room will be.

  2. Hi – I am such a fan of orange and purple. My passion started when I found a pair of orange and purple art deco- like wall sconces and a matching lamp. I then painted my living room orange and purchased a deep purple vintage arm chair and the rest is history. I moved to another unit in my housing co-operative and I picked the wrong color to paint my living room – it’s a creamy yellowy color but I was just too exhausted to change it. However – I recently found the most amazing shabby chic peach colored christmas tree for $25 – it was 7 feet tall and so heavy that it takes two friends to move it so I removed two feet. Now I want to re-paint the living room to match the tree!! To decorate the peach tree I have copper star-shaped cookie cutters and not much else! Any advice for decorations would be greatly appreciated!

  3. I LOVE the right combo of purple and orange. A little goes a long way and it can be such a fun punch of color. I adore orange done well.

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