Red and Gray Bedroom

I’m loving this glam bedroom, and here’s why red and gray is such a perfect color scheme for your master bedroom:


The juxtaposition of red and gray create an energetic yet serene effect.  It’s an elegant color balance that promotes what I call “RR & R” —  the idea that our bedroom should help us rejuvenate upon waking up, and help us relax at the end of a long day.  And if you’re married, your bedroom should encourage romance!


Red is a stimulating hue that can help us feel energetic and motivated when it’s time to get out of bed and get going.  It’s benefits are two-fold because red is also the color of passion and romance.  Who wouldn’t want that in their bedroom?


On the other hand, gray is a calming, neutral color that helps to keep red in check.  Gray is becoming very popular these days, but I think it looks best when paired with a dramatic color because used alone, it can make a room appear drab.


In this bedroom {or any bedroom}, gray adds a tranquility that’s perfect for when you want to wind down.  Gray introduces a modern feel that is also wonderfully subtle and gentle.


The key to a red and gray bedroom is using the right amount of each color.  In this bedroom, I love how a light gray tint is used as the dominant color.  Red, which can be overpowering in large doses, is used as the accent.  But what also adds interest to this space is the variation of these two colors: dark gray trim, a metallic silver bed and accessories.  Likewise for red — that gorgeous dresser is accented in fuchsia, as are some of the other accessories.


I believe that our bedroom should be the first room in our home that we decorate.  However, all to often it’s the last place that gets our attention.  Just remember that this is the first place we see in the morning and the last place we see at night.  With our busy schedules, rest and romance is at a premium.  So how can you get more of both?  A red and gray bedroom could very well be a great start!

All photos from lovehome

2 thoughts on “Red and Gray Bedroom

  1. I wouldn’t normally want red in my bedroom. However this decor is put together in such a thoughtful way it just seems to work ! I think the key is it’s understated and adds a sexy feel to the room !

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