Red Hot Ideas

Look what I found at Marshall’s:

Marshall’s is definitely one of those places where you need patience to rummage through stuff, but every once in a while I find something perfect, like these red peep-toe pumps.  Coincidentally, I just wrote a story over at about using the color red.

{m+charles beach interiors}

Just like a red dress, stilettos or peep-toe pumps, a red room can be elegant and sexy. This is a great color for a dining room where you want guests to be comfortable, attentive and ready for a lively conversation…

…and red is perfect in the bedroom because it is the color of love and passion.  Also, why not paint your powder room red?  Your home will have an element of surprise:

{webber+studio architects}

For more red hot ideas, check out my ideabook over at

4 thoughts on “Red Hot Ideas

  1. OMG I’ve been trying to pin images from your site for the longest. I simply have to click on it in order to pin. Anyhoo I’ve talked to you on twitter and never thought to see if you had a site. Duh. I love it so far.

    Back on topic. The Moroccan inspired room is beyond gorgeous.

  2. I am a ‘red girl’ from waayyyyyy back! Each room in my house has some red in it, including the bedroom (red art works, red rugs, red linen). I know red is said to be a stimulating colour and not good for the bedroom, but it’s like ‘coming home’ for me, and I love sleeping in it. That moroccan bedroom is divine!

    Linda. :)

  3. The red Moroccan bedroom is to die for – so sumptuous and inviting! I also think red is perfect for a dining room, cozy and intimate.

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