Romantic Bedrooms

Now is the time to bring sexy {and maybe even a little color} back to your bedroom.

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A romantic, cozy bedroom can do wonders for your marriage, and with our busy schedules these days, your bedroom should be a place where you can feel comfortable and let loose.

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Whether you’re married or single, your bedroom should be your haven — that serene space for relaxing at the end of the day and an inspiring space that rejuvenates you in the morning.  And yes, bold colors can be relaxing if they are colors you love.

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Aside from crazy, sexy, cool colors, your bedroom should have great lighting.  Make sure your lighting sources are on dimmers, or switch some bulbs to a low wattage so that you can create a romantic mood.  See more great tips at the bottom of this post.

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My tips for a romantic bedroom:

  • Remove clutter!  Get rid of those piles of clothes, magazines and mail, and return your kid’s toys to their rooms.  It’s difficult to relax and romance in a room filled with out-of-place stuff.
  • Invest in quality sheets with a thread count of about 400…and if it’s been a while since you’ve purchased a mattress, you may be due for an upgrade.  These days, mattresses are thicker, have pillow-top options, and will offer you a better night’s sleep.
  • Layering equals comfort & versatility, so use a combination of silky and textural bed coverings {duvet, coverlet, throw, etc}.
  • Be disciplined with T.V. watching.  Viewing too much television or watching the wrong thing can kill romance {and give you weird dreams}.  Instead, hook up your ipod or invest in a Sound Soother to hear the ocean waves.
  • Use scented candles, home fragrances or fresh flowers to make your bedroom smell scrumptious.
  • Give yourself permission to linger and enjoy your space by having a late-night dessert or morning breakfast in bed.

By all means, put your bedroom first!  It really is the most important room in your home.

All photographs from House To Home

3 thoughts on “Romantic Bedrooms

  1. Dear Kelly Porter,

    You have the most exciting and daring color sense of any interior designer whose work I can remember seeing. What a treat! Thank you for sharing your style with us.


    Liz Kear

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