In Season: Orange and Brown

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Are you enjoying this fall weather as much as I am?  If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you know I love, love, love fall, and this time of year I usually dedicate a post to orange and brown (a la pumpkin and pinecone).


Orange and brown together are so inviting, and they can make any room feel cozy — even with the addition of cooler colors, such as blue.

Orange and brown feel especially right during the fall months, but these colors look and feel comfortable all year long.

linda woodrum



How will you use orange and brown this fall?

2 thoughts on “In Season: Orange and Brown

  1. I love your images here Kelly. Wow, orange and brown has come A LONG way from the 60’s!!! I remember our house up north still had the vinyl wallpaper in the bathroom left from (I’m guessing) the 60’s. Oh was it awful. That was the first thing we did: rip it off. And then the brown carpet in there…yuk yuk. Anyway, these are all gorgeous and so livable and contemporary!

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