Seeing Red {At Work}

I just had a discussion with someone the other day about using red in the workplace.  The guy I was speaking with said that although he likes red, he was hesitant about using it at his business because “red sends the message to stop.”  Really?

Well, don’t tell that to the wonderfactory, a successful web strategy business {pictured above}…and by all means do not mention that to internet powerhouse Google because they may think you’re kinda crazy.

{google offices via interiormagz}

There’s a reason why businesses use red.  No color captures your attention better or leaves more of an impression.  Red adds excitement and energy to a space.  Using red helps to get your business noticed and your brand remembered.  Red also keeps your employees motivated and engaged.



You may have also noticed that the food industry loves to use red.  That’s because red stimulates the appetite.  So, when you’re around food and ready to eat, the color red can make you hungrier.  Restaurants and grocery stores often use this color in their branding and decor as a way of enticing us to consume more.

{porter house designs}

Red can trigger a big appetite, but it’s also just a fun, chic color to use in public spaces.  I used plenty of red for an ice cream shop re-design {above} to the delight of the customers, especially the younger ones.  And in this modern eatery shown below, red tables and chairs steal the show.


So, in my opinion red means go.  It works at work…but what about at home, you ask?  Find out in my next post!

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